How To Use Technology To Help You Collect Your Accounts Receivables Faster


If your company is having trouble collecting its accounts receivable (AR) payments on time, it might be a good time to look into adding some new methods for collecting these bills. Using current technology can help you with this, and making a few changes could help you improve your AR turnover rate. Here are two options you could try using if you are not already, and both involve technology. Send electronic bills

4 December 2015

Pointers For Setting Up A Non-Profit Organization's Budget


If you have just formed a non-profit organization, you may wonder how your organization goes about setting up its budget. A non-profit operates differently than a for-profit organization does, and if you've never worked with a non-profit before, it can be hard to make the transition. You may want to consider hiring accounting services that specialize in non-profit accounting, so that you know you're doing everything right not only when it comes to setting up a budget, but running the organization.

16 March 2015