Why You Should Always Let A Professional Handle Your Company's Books


When handled correctly, technology can be one of the greatest tools known to man. It's great to know that with the touch of a single button, you're able to instantly get things done that once took a very long time. However, some activities really are best when done by someone who has received special training. Taking care of financial affairs falls into this category. If you're trying to get a business off the ground and plan to do your own bookkeeping, see why you should leave this task in the hands of the professionals.

18 May 2019

How To Use Technology To Help You Collect Your Accounts Receivables Faster


If your company is having trouble collecting its accounts receivable (AR) payments on time, it might be a good time to look into adding some new methods for collecting these bills. Using current technology can help you with this, and making a few changes could help you improve your AR turnover rate. Here are two options you could try using if you are not already, and both involve technology. Send electronic bills

4 December 2015

Pointers For Setting Up A Non-Profit Organization's Budget


If you have just formed a non-profit organization, you may wonder how your organization goes about setting up its budget. A non-profit operates differently than a for-profit organization does, and if you've never worked with a non-profit before, it can be hard to make the transition. You may want to consider hiring accounting services that specialize in non-profit accounting, so that you know you're doing everything right not only when it comes to setting up a budget, but running the organization.

16 March 2015